5 Weight Loss Myths You Need To Stop Believing


Weight Loss Myths… They’re hard to avoid in our culture – where every day there is a new ‘superfood’, fad diet or product that promises to shift unwanted weight. In my personal journey, and through my studies of nutrition, I’ve learnt there’s no one quick fix for weight loss or balance – it’s about making healthier choices every day and embracing and loving a wholefood diet.


These are the 7 myths that have come up time and time again, and the nutritional reasons why they just don’t work!


  1. Artificial sweeteners help you lose weight. 




I’m referring to products such as diet sodas, sugar-free gum, Equal, Splenda, NutraSweet, Sweet-n-Low, and most energy drinks.


Fake sugars are both toxic and addictive, and among the worst things for our health. Your body gets confused and reacts in two detrimental ways: (1) As your body gets used to them, you crave sweet things, but your satiety hormones are suppressed. You don’t recognize when you are full or satisfied; or (2) Your body experiences insulin spikes due to the sweeteners that lead to metabolic disorders, weight gain and long-term deregulation of appetite.


Sweeteners ultimately cause toxic buildup (they are chemicals!), and hormonal imbalance. They also stimulate appetite and enhance mood disorders.


Instead of using sweeteners, here are some simple swaps to sweeten foods and drinks naturally.



  1. Exercise is the key to weight loss. Workout for hours and you’ll get the body of your dreams! 




I used to exercise twice a day, and I think it made me fatter.


Over exercising can make you hungrier! It can also cause adrenal exhaustion, which leads to hormonal imbalance. A tired and exhausted body will encounter all kinds of hormonal havoc, including fat storage.


The trick is to exercise less often but smarter.


You can change your body’s hormones and burn off fat in a short amount of time by doing high intensity interval training, and deep muscle resistance exercises. To learn more about this, check out Jonathan Bailor’s Smarter Science of SlimHe’s an expert on this topic!



  1. Low fat/fat-free is the way to go because FAT will make you FAT. 




Fat free foods are usually loaded with sugar! (They have to replace the good tasting fat with something don’t they?) Your body isn’t great at making use of simple sugars, and any extra sugar that the body can’t use is stored as fat!


I used to be terrified of fat. I’d fret over every almond I consumed. If I ate theavocado in the salad I’d feel ridiculous guilt and was sure that my body weight would go up in kilos!


Don’t be afraid of fat. Your body needs the good fats! These are best found in avocado, flaxseed, olive oil, coconut oil, nuts and seeds and oily fish such as salmon.


Good fats are essential to give your body energy and to support cell growth. They also help protect your organs (your heart!) and help your body absorb nutrients and produce important hormones, too.


Good fats also keep you fuller longer and promote blood sugar stabilization. Without this, we’d miss out on vital nutrients (such as vitamins A, D and E) and what are known as essential fatty acids (Omega 3s), which are needed to curb all kinds of conditions such as heart disease, cancers, immune system deficiencies, arthritis, skin complaints, PMS and menopausal symptoms.


Do you know what happened when I started to eat the good fats?  My skin started to glow. I lost all the excess weight. My moods lifted. My bowels regulated and my cravings subsided.


Avoid the ugly trans fats, and remember to eat in moderation.



  1. If you eat fewer calories than you burn, you’ll lose weight.




Just like we cannot control our cardiovascular system, we cannot control our metabolism. It’s far more complex than calories in, calories out. Life-sustaining functions are automatically regulated by the body.


This works in a simple machine, like a car engine, but does it work in human beings?


Probably not. The human body is so complex that if you eat whole foods, you’ll get more nutrients and you’ll be more likely to feel full longer.


Focusing on the quality of foods will enhance the effectiveness of your metabolism. When we put the wrong quality of food into our body, it becomes hormonally clogged and the level of fat in our body rises.



  1. Eat three meals a day and don’t snack. 




We must eat every three to four hours to keep our blood sugar levels stable.


In my opinion, stable blood sugar is the key to good weight. This help curb cravings, speed up metabolism, and control your mood!


When we don’t eat for long periods of time, your body thinks its being starved and then goes into survival mode. (Your body is so clever!) So what will it do to survive? Hold onto something, anything…. what does it hold onto? Fat!


Does that clear a few things up? Wishing you a healthy week!





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Hi Jessica, I believe in synchronicity so when I was guided to you .on FB I was intrigued and inspired. I turned 46 last week and my husband bought me your book. I wanted to thank you for sharing your wisdom in such a beautifully presented way. My  copy is now filled with tabs and post it notes with actual notes throughout. I am dairy intolerant since having my gallbladder removed 15+ years ago, I don't eat meat, very minimal gluten and was told 12 months ago my gut was not digesting my food properly so I wasn't receiving sufficient nutrients and taking supplements would be a waste of time.  My weight fluctuates tending to gain rather than lose but now I believe I have a tool to help me bring my body back into balance that I need for my health and longevity of life - so again thank you. The first few steps to creating a stronger path forward for my health has found its foundation in your beautiful book, The Healthy Life.

With kindest regards Samantha

I'm writing this email because I wanted to tell you how much I love your blog and how you really helped me in my health journey. Thank you for sharing all your advices and experiences.

When I started my studies, I was drinking lots of coffee and I was eaten the wrong foods, and feel bad about it, I wasn't at my best. So I had done some research on the net but at first I didn't found advices that are for me, and then I found your blog. It was exactly what I was looking for, good advices and healthy recipes. Now I'm following your advices on rest more, and snacks between meals and prep the meals and take time for myself to reconnect with my body and let go my anxiety, etc, and I have a more balanced life and have a new relationship with food thanks to you.

I bought your book and it's honestly the best book I have ever bought. I suffer from IBS and anxiety. I have paid so much money seeing naturopaths however after reading your book and all of your tips I'm noticing so much of a difference, so simple and easy to follow. And symptoms have dramatically decreased. Also you have helped me to relax. Currently drinking the protein health smoothie! Thankyou your amazing.


Hey Jessica!
I haven’t yet brought ‘The Healthy Life’, but I do have the clean life and your slim down plan! I would like to thank you so much for the knowledge your share and the message you put across about health and wellness. I’m studying Nutritional Medicine in Melbourne and absolutely love the philosophy that you share with your JSHealth community. The work you’ve done to show people that leading a healthy lifestyle isn’t boring, tasteless, difficult or depriving is amazing and hope to share the message myself one day. You’ve inspired me to start my own blog , to share the message and have taught me so many things about my own health! You should be proud of your achievements! Thank you again

- Jacinta

I searched for help and tips through the Internet and found Jessica Sepel. This is seriously not exaggerated, but she was the reason why I have dared myself to eat again, to have snacks in between, to nourish my body. I could slowly improve my negative thoughts about my body image and my stupid anxiety of gaining weight. Besides, The Cleanest Gut was awesome too! A huge thank you! Especially from my mum. Seriously, without you I wouldn’t be where I am now!


Congratulations on your new book! It looks absolutely gorgeous. I’ve been following you on Instagram for a few years and you’ve inspired me to slowly but surely eat healthier without giving myself a hard time when I don’t. It made me so happy (and weirdly proud) to see the Daily Mail article on The Healthy Life. I remember trying out your recipes before you even had your eBook out! I can’t wait to get my hands on the book. Keep up the great work.

– Sophie

Cooking in this way truly brought out the foodie in me and has instilled a huge passion for health and wellness! Life throws you hard and frustrating things sometimes but I truly believe that this is where we learn more about ourselves and what our passions in life are! Thank you for inspiring me on my journey to health and wellness!


I am a yoga teacher in Johannesburg and am thrilled to have bought your book today. I love making healthy, nutritious food for my family, friends and fellow yogis! Thank you for this book and your inspiration (had to share a pic of my book on my recipe stand in the kitchen).

– Helene

I bought your beautiful book during the week and told my bestie to go out and buy it also! I love love love it. It is the book I would give to my younger self if I could (I am 41 years old). Everything is just so sensible and informative and is definitely a book all teenagers should have. This should be a text book for girls becoming teens. I will love going back and re-reading it many many times and can't wait to make more of the recipes. Thank you Jess - you are an incredibly inspiring woman and you should feel so proud

Michelle Curtis

My fiancé bought your book and we have cooked some of your meals. Amazing! I love your outlook on a healthy lifestyle and your hints and tips with preparing tasty meals are fantastic. Thanks for reviving us to live a healthier lifestyle and get our bodies wedding ready.