Excited to announce I’m Cocobella’s newest contributor!

Ok! I am so excited to announce that I am now a recipe contributor for the amazing Cocobella! To be honest, I am kind of coconut obsessed right now! Why? Coconuts are nutritional powerhouses! They contain mostly medium-chain triglyricides (MCTs) which are not stored in fat deposits in the body as much as long-chain triglyricides (generally […]


How to Ban Dieting and Embrace Mindful Eating

I used to be a dieter. A fad dieter too. It was like an addiction. It would give me some kind of high when I found out about a new one – because the hope of it bringing me the body of my dreams made me so excited. Funny thing is – none of them ever […]


How to Stop Binge Eating

The Big B-Word. Binging. This is a topic that is close to my heart and, one I feel is a true epidemic. Binging is one of the most common issues I see effecting my clients in clinic, and a problem that I myself us to suffer from before I was able to mend my relationship with […]

Cocoa Powder and Dark Chocolate

How to make my Sugar-Free Chocolate Protein Balls

Protein balls! I’m obsessed. This healthy go to snack is perfect during a busy work week, and is so easy to make! Protein balls have become so popular you can find them at almost any supermarket or grocery store. The problem with this, is that often these packaged, processed protein balls are filled with sugar, […]


Guilt-Free Creamy Chai Latte

Oh, do I have a delicious afternoon pick-me-up for you! Forget the overly processed, caffeine and sugar-laden chai drinks you’ll find at most coffee shops. I have been creating this healthy, naturally-sweetened and super creamy chai latte right in my own kitchen, and it’s become a daily favourite. The secret ingredient for ultimate creaminess? Cashews! […]