Pumpkin Smoothie

Mmmm…my Pumpkin Smoothie is a festive but healthy way to celebrate Thanksgiving morning – or if you’re just looking to sneak a veggie into your breakfast or snack. I added spinach for an extra veggie boost (you won’t taste it at all) and cashews for extra creaminess. Delish! Pumpkin Smoothie   Print Author: Jessica Sepel Ingredients […]


Hello Silly Season – My Healthy Holiday Tips

The silly season is upon us! For my friends in the US who are preparing for Thanksgiving, you’re about to jump head first into a month where the priority is to eat, drink and be merry! And while it’s so important for us to savour this beautiful season, it’s also important to take good care […]

roasted cinnamon carrots

Menu Monday – Festive Thanksgiving Dishes

As my friends in the US plan this Thursday’s Thanksgiving menu, I couldn’t help but feel excited – and a little envious! I love the opportunity to create a big, healthy meal with my loved ones. I know that it can be daunting when you’re starting your own health journey – or even if you’re […]


Falling into the Martha Stewart holiday trap?

Why do we fall into the trap of putting so much pressure on 
ourselves to pull off a Martha Stewart-esque holiday? Why do we
 end up feeling guilty, anxious, or sad when festivities don’t go
 as planned? How can we set these unrealistic expectations aside
 and embrace/enjoy the present moment? It’s important to shift our […]