Gluten-Free Alternatives to Your Favourite Foods

Does it ever seem like the whole world is going gluten-free? You’re not imagining it – the number of people who are adapting a gluten-free lifestyle is increasing exponentially. And the reason is – most feel better without it! The top benefits I hear from clients include less bloat and gut issues, more energy, and […]

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Menu Monday – Nourishing Detox-Friendly Dinner

Many of you have contacted me considering a detox as the seasons change. Whether you’re following my liver-cleansing Detox Plan or tackling my 14 Day Slim Down Meal Plan, this is a perfectly healthy cleansing dinner. On tonight’s menu? Starter: Zucchini Soup  Main Dish: Herb Crusted Salmon with Sauteed Bok Choy & Broccoli  Side Dish: […]


A Simple Way to Ditch the Green-Eyed Monster

I’ve come to realize a really simple yet profound truth: being happy for others attracts more happiness and success into my own life. I mean being genuinely, truly excited for people’s accomplishments. Even – and especially – when my first instinct might be jealousy. Easier said than done? How do you ditch the inevitable “green-eyed […]


Healthy Wholefood Spotlight: Asparagus

While we typically recognize this nutrient-packed vegetable in a bright green hue, asparagus can also be found in white and purple. And though white asparagus is missing the green pigment chlorophyll, it’s still an incredible source of vitamins, minerals and essential proteins. All veggies are great for weight loss and maintenance, but asparagus is an […]

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Healthy Vegetable Bread

Oh, this vegetable bread has become a staple in the JSHealth kitchen. I was inspired by my visit to Hu Kitchen in New York and had to recreate it. It’s gotten such an incredible response from my newsletter readers that I had to share it on the blog. If you’re a bread lover, this is […]