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    Inside the World’s Healthiest Kitchen!

    jess vitamix

    Welcome to my kitchen! So many people have asked to take a peek inside, and I hope this visit gives you a few tips on how to create a beautifully healthy kitchen in your own home.

    The Healed Life: Peta Shulman


    It’s such a pleasure to introduce you to the incredible woman behind the genius GoodnessMe Box, Peta Shulman. This beautiful soul is not only a savvy entrepreneur and businesswoman, but she’s also committed to her own health and wellness in a way that is so inspiring. Read more about how she healed her life and created her […]

    What to Expect in The Healthy Life


    2 days – just 2 days until my new book, The Healthy Life, is released! I’ve been giving little hints about the contents, but here is exactly what you can look forward to when you open your very own copy: * 10 Powerful Principles to find health and healing. This step-by-step guide is what I […]

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Caramelised Figs with Hazelnut Crunch Topping

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