Falling into the Martha Stewart holiday trap?

Why do we fall into the trap of putting so much pressure on 
ourselves to pull off a Martha Stewart-esque holiday? Why do we
 end up feeling guilty, anxious, or sad when festivities don’t go
 as planned? How can we set these unrealistic expectations aside
 and embrace/enjoy the present moment? It’s important to shift our […]


Design Your Own Salad, Sumo-Style!

Some of the very best meals are also the simplest. You don’t have to sacrifice quality OR taste in order to prepare a quick, healthy lunch. That’s why I love the convenience of a beautifully crafted salad bowl when I’m on the go. SumoSalad offers a variety of options that allow you to build your […]


My favourite new lineup: Nature’s Way Whole Food Vitamins

As a nutritionist, health coach and wellness lover, I have experimented with countless vitamin brands. Nature’s Way Whole Food Vitamins is the only product I’ve found that gets my “JSHealth tick of approval,” and I’m thrilled to announce that I am collaborating with them in an exciting new venture! As you know, I am very […]

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Just Say Yes: 5 Minutes With JSHealth

Yes – I’m engaged! It’s been the most exciting, love-filled and meaningful weekend of my life. I can’t believe how lucky I am to have my fiance for the rest of my life – he is everything I ever dreamt of! And now, it’s time for me take my own advice. You know I believe […]