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    What a bride eats on her wedding day


      As a bride-to-be, we do our best in the weeks and months leading up to the big day to move and eat well. But what about the big day itself? The way you fuel your body on your wedding day is just as important as the preparation you’ve put in during the planning process. […]

    5 Ways to Detox After a Holiday Meal (Without Changing Your Diet!)


    Tis the season for abundance, and you may be feeling it after an especially indulgent meal (or four). But that doesn’t mean you should restrict, cleanse or go on a crash diet! Your body won’t respond well to that either – deprivation will not make you feel better, it will only complicate your relationship with […]

    My Top Bride-to-Be Beauty Tips


    The most important thing to realize as you prepare for your wedding day is that real and everlasting beauty is from the inside out. That, after all, is what your future spouse truly fell in love with! To be a healthy bride, we have to take care of what we are putting in to our […]

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