Vogue Feature: Four Healthy Alternatives to Hot Chocolate and Coffee When You Need a Warming Drink

I love coffee. There, I said it. And to Vogue, no less! As a nutritionist, this is not always an easy thing to admit. While some experts claim it’s nectar of the gods, still others vilify it and believe it causes a whole host of health issues. Personally, I try to take a balanced approach […]

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The Healed Life: Lisa Bryan of Downshiftology

Such fun to meet with a fellow health (and breakfast!) lover while I was in LA. I’m excited to introduce you to the energetic, dynamic and extremely well-traveled Lisa Bryan, the wellness coach behind Downshiftology, in the latest installment of The Healed Life series. She’s sharing how her diagnosis of four autoimmune diseases actually changed […]

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The Daily Telegraph feature: Creating the Little House of Calm

I was thrilled to feature in a recent piece from The Telegraph Sydney all about finding a sense of sanctuary in your own home. This fantastic article explains why it’s so important to manage our daily stress and find calm where we can – particularly where we live. An absolute must read! Creating the Little […]


My Top 6 Picks for Greek Yoghurt

A healthy yoghurt? Yes, it does exist! This is a question I’m asked very often – especially in clinic. I think Greek yoghurt is fantastic, but It’s hard to find good quality yoghurt free from sugar, hormones, additives, and artificial sweeteners and flavors. As I tell my clients, it’s always best to go for a […]


Vogue feature: How much is too much when eating healthy treats?

It’s something my clients and readers ask about all the time: if it’s raw, vegan, gluten free, paleo, whatever – I can have as much as I want, right? Not exactly. You know I believe in indulging – but with mindfulness. Don’t miss my latest article at Vogue, explaining why a treat is, well, still […]