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    My Latest Travel Snacks

    Healthy Travel, Travel Tips
    trvel bag

    It has been a busy few weeks of travel! I’ve been travelling between and around South Africa and London for work, and these snacks have been essential to have in my bag for when my energy starts to drop. These are easy to pack, most of them travel well without needing to be refrigerated, and […]

    Curried Cauliflower

    Lunch/Dinner, Side Dishes/Salads
    curried cauliflower

    My favourite side-dish at the moment! Make a big batch of this for your next dinner party, or alternatively you can toss it through a salad to add texture and flavour. Simply take 1 cauliflower head and cut it into florets. Add the cauliflower to a baking tray. Sprinkle over 1 tsp of curry Madra […]

    My Thoughts About Soy

    Nutrition Advice

    Many readers and clients ask me about soy. Is it healthy? Is it a safe protein option? In my opinion, we need to be careful about soy. Most soy products, like soymilk and tofu, are GMO, which can depress thyroid function, mess with hormones, and slow down digestion. There is mixed evidence on this so […]

    Top 5 Ways to Improve Poor Gut Health

    Lifestyle, Nutrition Advice

    One of the lessons I learned in nutrition school is that you are not what you eat – you are what you digest and absorb. The gut is the body’s second brain, so it is vitally important in helping us maintain good health. The purpose of good digestion is to turn the food you eat […]

    London Foodie Spots I Loved

    Healthy Travel, London
    london foodie spots

    I just came back from a few days in London for  ‘The Healthy Life’ book tour and found some delicious cafés and restaurants – here are my top picks! Best Coffee: Lantana Coffee Kaffeine The Monocle Cafe Favourite Juice: Raw Press – delicious juices that kept me so energised! Roots Juicery Press Delicious Food: Roka – […]

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Curried Cauliflower

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